A life changing career in every sense. Working in explosive threat mitigation with Optima will reward you not only with exceptional pay and benefits, but the knowledge that you are helping to create a safer future for people affected by conflict. From our technical experts working in the world’s most volatile places to our support team back here in the UK, we’re looking for outstanding individuals with adaptability and drive.

"Having worked with Optima now for just short of 7 years I have seen the company grow with its success. Over this time, I have experienced working in some very diverse locations around the world ranging from clearance work on Gorey beach in Jersey and the Normandy beaches in France, EOD trials in Afghanistan and Egypt to C-IED and search training in Mogadishu, Somalia and Kurdistan to name but a few. With this work the knowledge and experience passed on has been gratefully received by the client and leaves a very good feeling that the work conducted will make a big change to a lot of people and in many cases saving lives."

Carl Parnell – Operational Support & QA Manager

"This is only the start of week 3 for myself, but so far I have been made to feel very welcome amongst the whole of the team on site. People have gone out of their way to come and introduce themselves, which has helped to settle me into the swing of things, and I have been able to easily approach people if I have needed to ask advice. The company encourages team spirit with weekly get togethers, an excellent idea for when new people arrive and just generally for team cohesion."

Sue Beckett – Triton Delivery Manager

"Optima really looks after its employees, not only do they promote social events like cake day, but they’re also interested in developing each person’s potential."

Ruth Coxon – Research Analyst

"My knowledge of explosive threats was modest coming in, but along the way I have had many opportunities to explore and learn more about this extraordinarily complex field. My first report was due on the second week of the job; and I had to march into unfamiliar territory head-on to meet the deadline. You learn, and grow, and prosper on the go here, in an equilibrium between independent research and the help of the most accessible colleagues you will ever have."

Lukas Vaivuckas – Analyst