Training the trainers for CIED equipment maintenance in Pakistan

03/10/2018 Training
Optima’s Duncan Young delivering Kestrel ECM
training in CEMS

Optima has helped ensure effective long-term maintenance and care of vital CIED (Counter Improvised Explosive Device) equipment in Pakistan by training the trainers that go on to teach operatives.

Having donated the equipment through the UK Government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office appointed Optima to devise a long-term solution to ensure Pakistan’s counter explosive threat agencies were able to handle ongoing maintenance and any necessary repairs.

Working at the Counter IED and Munitions School, a Pakistan Army facility at the Military College of Engineering in the city of Risalpur, Optima initially trained two highly experienced technicians so they could go on and deliver the specially created one-week maintainer course to operatives from the Pakistan Army, Civil Defence and Rangers.

Once certified by Optima as Level 1 Maintainer Instructors, the new instructors went on to train 27 students from the three Pakistan counter explosive threat agencies. The courses included theory sessions and practical tasks with a repair-focussed assessment, instilling in students the skills and knowledge necessary to physically repair and maintain the highly technical CIED equipment - including robots and electronic counter measures.

All 27 students were successful in completing the course and were presented with certification at the course celebration with addresses from Optima Training Manager Duncan Young as well as senior Pakistan and British military representatives.

Further training will take place during the year and its success to date is ensuring Pakistan can utilise fully, and benefit from, the donated equipment.