Positive Response to Threat

Optima offers analysis, expertise and guidance, from the strategic to tactical level, on every aspect of how to find and defeat explosive devices, identify and disrupt networks and prepare local forces and communities to mitigate explosive threats.

Our services are uniquely designed to meet the needs of our clients, providing current, relevant and expert advice with the additional advantage of a reach back capability, when appropriate, to training and operational activities. To date we have supported and delivered the design, assessment and trialling of equipment solutions, technical advice and embedded subject matter expertise and facilitated multi-agency co-ordination.

Systems and Processes

Optima experts share their decades of experience in the field and in government to help clients around the world to optimise their systems and processes to mitigate the dangers from explosive weapons and hazards. We draw on in-depth understanding and ‘in the field’ experience to provide bespoke, relevant and comprehensive advisory services.

Technical Advice:

By developing realistic and practical conceptual documentation, we can assist clients in assessing their true need and articulating the requirements for the capabilities they require. We combine the most current experience in how equipment is used ‘in the field’ with comprehensive practical and theoretical testing. Our people help manufacturers and buyers to ensure that C-IED and EOD equipment will perform effectively under the toughest field conditions.

Embedded Staff:

Optima can embed specialist staff within client organisations to either support the development of capability or to advise on the technical natures of threats and threat responses. Our range of personnel enables us to integrate at all levels of seniority, ensuring that clients obtain the most appropriate inputs and perspectives relative to their needs.

Multi-agency Coordination:

Optima has helped governments to achieve great successes in disrupting terrorist networks by combining the levers of multiple agencies to deliver the optimum result. We recognise the diversity of threats posed by terrorist networks and create bespoke mitigation measures to address the threats and environment that are our client’s concern.

Working with Optima

We understand the sensitivity surrounding many of the issues concerning conflicts and conduct our relations with clients accordingly. Complete confidentiality is assured and initial contact is made with the most senior members of Optima management.

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