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Optima has cleared millions of square metres of explosive threats from conflict affected regions around the world. It brings decades of experience to leadership, project management, quality assurance, mentoring and clearance work. In planning, executing, and in the aftercare of operations, we ensure that the urgent work of mitigating improvised and conventional explosive threats is conducted expertly, by operators with extensive professional experience and current, globally recognised qualifications.

Working against complex devices in challenging environments, operational teams work with local partners and international bodies to make areas safe for people to work and live, creating vital space for reconstruction. Operations in Iraq, Mali, Afghanistan and Pakistan have not only allowed communities compromised by explosive devices to begin a return to safe and secure lives, but also built local capacity that can provide vital on-going work against explosive threats.

In Iraq, we are currently clearing explosive hazards from areas liberated from Daesh, co-operating with and working alongside local partners and national and international institutions. We deliver world leading expertise and practice to effectively and safely mitigate the acute threat of improvised explosive devices and other explosive hazards in communities that are now trying to rebuild. Our work is conducted responsively and openly, in regular communication with local people. In this way, we can help those populations understand what is being done to make their homes, communities and businesses safe, whilst consolidating that progress through risk awareness programmes, able to provide a legacy of support.

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