Our Services

From high risk search and clearance operations in conflict-affected areas to advisory services and the training of client personnel, Optima helps protect communities from increasingly complex explosive threats.

Making locations safe for reconstruction and equipping countries with the skills to overcome future hazards, Optima is helping to restore stability and transform lives around the globe.

We provide:

Search, technical surveys, clearance, mentoring and quality assurance | Optima Operations

  • Ensuring that deployed people, organisations and civilians in ‘at risk’ areas have the necessary knowledge and capabilities to remain safe.
  • Clearing and making locations safe from improvised Explosive Devices and explosive hazards.
  • Enabling reconstruction to occur through survey and clearance activity.

Security Services, national and international major events | Optima Security Services

  • Providing individual consultants and event security advice.
  • Management, personnel and equipment for major global events.
  • Collaboration with clients to understand and define risk, design and implement solutions that provide safety, security and reassurance.

Transferring knowledge and experience at all levels | Optima Training

  • Providing threat awareness, training Search personnel, first responders, IED Disposal (IEDD), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and forensic exploitation teams to find, clear, manage, control and where appropriate, exploit IED incidents.
  • Giving people and organisations the capabilities and the confidence to effectively and efficiently mitigate threats.
  • Helping agencies and organisations to interact, operate effectively and coherently in often complex and chaotic situations.

Technical, organisational and strategic consulting | Optima Advisory

  • Advising the most appropriate processes, organisational structures and equipment necessary to mitigate the threat from explosives and explosive devices.
  • Embedding subject matter expertise to assess, advise, co-ordinate and review.
  • Supporting design, planning and conducting the trials necessary to produce effective mitigation capabilities.

Consultancy and training for effective law, order and justice systems | Rule of Law

  • Strategic criminal justice analysis, advice and capacity building for Governments, Embassies, International Organisations and NGOs
  • Basic law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial training
  • Improving human rights
  • Specialist investigations and prosecution
  • Operational mentoring of police, prosecutors and judges
  • Improving criminal justice efficiency and effectiveness
  • Systemic and organisational justice reform
  • Contact, assistance and in-country support and advice.

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