Transformation through the Rule of Law

Headed up by internationally renowned justice advisor Patrick Stevens, Optima’s Rule of Law division helps transform lives worldwide, in the face of some of the most challenging transnational crime threats.

Whether it is part of securing the peace, or improving prosperity in a thriving financial centre, the ability to effectively address serious crime where it occurs is critical to all of us.

Victims of violence are amongst the most vulnerable in our communities; the displaced, the oppressed, those terrorised by the violence of war or political conflicts; all need the protection of their law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, overseen by strong independent judges working in effective courts.

Governments and societies need strong and fair governance and security that deals with the guilty and protects the innocent in order to work together and flourish.

Optima’s Rule of Law service provides all aspects of international assistance, that can be delivered as part of a joined-up and intelligent approach to long-term justice development and that meets short term operational needs. This includes:

  • Strategic criminal justice analysis, advice and capacity building for Governments, Embassies, International Organisations and NGOs
  • Basic law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial training
  • Improving human rights
  • Specialist investigations and prosecution
  • Operational mentoring of police, prosecutors and judges
  • Improving criminal justice efficiency and effectiveness
  • Systemic and organisational justice reform
  • Contact, assistance and in-country support and advice


Optima helps establish effective Rule of Law that can protect all from international and transnational threats such as terrorism; corruption; modern slavery and human trafficking; violence against women and girls; cybercrime; poaching of endangered species; smuggling of people, weapons, or commodities; corruption and the movement of illicit finance.


The Rule of Law is a fundamental human right and essential once any level of peace is secured. As well as being critical itself, it is also crucial to wider development; dealing as it can with the corrosive impact of corruption, violence and the arbitrary use of power. Optima’s support to aid and development agencies, international bodies such as the UN, and NGOs, working on these challenging issues is designed to complement and assist the collective effort to establish a fair security, good governance and transparency. Human rights are protected, development flourishes, partnerships are formed, corruption is combatted and fair and free trade is allowed – all crucial elements for future prosperity.

Working partnerships

Working with governments, senior policy makers, practitioners, NGOs and international bodies, Optima provides access to a network of unrivalled expertise to deliver the benefits of sophisticated and bespoke partnerships.

Expertise and experience

Patrick Stevens, Optima’s Rule of Law Director, has two decades of unrivalled experience; leading some of the UK’s most sensitive and serious terrorism cases in the unprecedented period post 9/11, then as the Crown Prosecution Service’s first International Director, where he built a justice assistance network that delivered strategic Rule of Law improvement at the heart of the UK’s national security effort worldwide for over a decade.

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