Security and reassurance

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Optima Security Services provides a single point of commercial access to quality assured security outcomes.

Optima Security Services provides quality assured full-spectrum security capabilities and capacity at scale, utilising an established World-class UK and global network of expert practitioners and supply chain partnerships. We provide a single point of commercial access to manage large scale security programmes, ensuring quality assured delivery and value for money across the entire supply chain thereby significantly reducing client management, time and cost. Our ability to scale-up and respond rapidly to manage identified risks increases quality assured security outcomes and reduces client time and effort in managing security related issues.

Optima Security Services has proven experience of delivering security services to Governments, International Security Services and Corporate Groups. We provide a high level of assurance in achieving security requirements and safeguarding critical assets thereby reducing the risk of security failures and associated client reputational damage. We rapidly analyse, plan and deliver clients’ needs, in a time efficient manner with associated savings in cost, through our in depth understanding of security requirements, capabilities, terminology and language.

Optima Security Services has been built on decades of practical UK police and military expertise with experience of planning and delivering complex and high-risk security programmes. Our Security Services business unit combines the benefits of the private sector with a genuine public sector ethos, backed up by the commercial values and benefits of being part of Optima Group.

Specific Services

  • Management and delivery of large-scale security programmes including complete supply chain
  • Delivery of full-spectrum security capabilities and capacity including operational teams, equipment, logistics, policy and procedures
  • Rapid needs analysis, early planning, advice and requirements definition
  • Development of threat-based security capabilities specific to clients’ needs
  • Specific services include:
    • Strategic, Operational & Tactical Security Management Teams
    • Close Protection, Door Supervisors, & Security Guards
    • High-Risk Search Teams for Venues, Vehicles, People, Areas & Vessels
    • Provision of Security Equipment & Logistic Support
    • Complete Programme Life Support
    • Security Consultancy for Client Specific Needs

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