Gareth Collett

Explosive Engineering Consultant

For more than 30 years Gareth has worked in high threat bomb disposal, counter terrorism, counter proliferation, counter-IED, strategic diplomacy and ammunition management. During this time he has commanded multi-national bomb disposal assets on operations up to Brigade level and advised at Ministerial level.

In 2013 Gareth was awarded the CBE by Her Majesty for his role in transforming how the UK develops and delivers its IED search and clearance operational capability. This work has since set the framework and standard for today’s capability development worldwide.

A career in the British Army concluded in early 2018 at the rank of Brigadier, with Gareth’s final post being the UK’s Senior Defence Representative in Iraq. Here he was responsible for working closely with the Iraqi Government to remove explosive hazards from areas damaged by conflict.

Other titles held by Gareth are Ambassador to the Felix Fund Bomb Disposal Charity, Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Explosive Engineers. He is also a competent Arabist and holds a Master’s Degree in Explosive Ordnance Engineering.

Due to personal reasons Gareth had to resign as Managing Director in January 2019 but continues as an Explosive Engineering Consultant. Gareth has made a significant impact as Managing Director during his 8 month tenure and continues to bring the full spectrum of tools necessary to help deliver excellence in the explosive threat mitigation arena backed up by profound operational experience, bags of personality, and academic rigour.

Nigel Cribb, Group Operations Director, will take responsibility for the Managing Director’s duties for the foreseeable future.